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TV Broadcasting Euipment

Fynder Electronics offers, TV Exciters,Transmitter and Repeaters from the Italian manufacturers Itelco and Eletrolink

Itelco TV Transmitters

ITELCO Broadcast is worldwide leader in design and manufacturing of Broadcast Radio & Television equipment and solutions, from low to very high power, both analog and digital.

Multimode TV Exciter

MEXII is a new generation of UHF/VHF multimode Exciters covering all the Digital and Analog TV standards with advanced control and supervision functions.

Compact DTV Transmitters

ALPAN represents the new Compact transmitters line made by Itelco-Electrosys capable to deliver from 25W up to 600W in DVB-T/H standard (60W up to 1.4kW ATV standard).

DTV Transmitters - Air Cooled

The THALNA line is the result of years long research in terms of reliability – size reduction – structural simplicity – modularity and scalability – competitive price.

DTV Transmitters - Liquid Cooled

The NORTHIA line is the result of years long research in terms of reliability – size reduction – structural simplicity – modularity and scalability – competitive price (one of the best price in its category).

I.O.T. - Inductive Output Tube

The I.O.T. technology transmitters line perfectly meets the needs of customers that require high and very high power solutions, from 60kW up to 300kW.

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Electrolink TV Transmitters

DVB-T/T2 Solid State Transmitters

Electrolink solid state DVB-T/T2 transmitters generation covers a power range from 0,5W to 9.6kW (higher output power available on request).

Each transmitter includes the following components:

    DVB-T/T2 Exciter

    Power Amplifiers (horizontal and vertical line)

    Stainless-steel rack with cooling system

    Power combiner & Power distribution

    7" touch-screen control panel (for local/remote control)

    Step-down transformers (depending on models)

    Output Filter (critical and non-critical mask)

DVB-T/T2 Gap-Fillers - Repeaters (with echo canceller)

Electrolink DVB-T UHF BIV-V Gap-Filler / Repeater products family, specially designed to improve digital TV coverage where the territory shape features cause gaps in the coverage of main transmitters.

Electrolink DVB-T Gap-filler/Repeater generation covers a power range from 0,1Wrms to 50Wrms (higher output power available on request) for SFN networks, ensuring high broadcasting performances thanks to Echo canceller; higher output power are avail bale for MN Networks.

The touch-screen control panel can handle and display all the parameters and diagnostic about the equipment status, providing all control functions. All parameters required for diagnostics and setting can be retrieved locally or remotely via standard (IP) protocol (Web-Browser and SNMP). The equipment is completely self-protected.

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