FM Broadcast

Antennas and accessories

DIPOLE FM Wide Band, Aluminum 500 W to 2000 W

DIPOLE FM Wide Band, Hot Dipped Steel, 800 W to 5000 W

YAGI 3 Elem. FM Wide Band, Hot Dipped Steel 800 W to 3000 W

YAGI 5 Elem. FM Wide Band, Hot Dipped Steel 800 W to 3000 W

Directional FM PANEL, Wide Band, Hot Dipped Steel 800 W to 5000 W

Circular Polar. FM Antenna, Wide Band, Stainless Steel 800 W to 5000 W

Antenna Systems

STL Antennas:  Reflector Antenna, Stainless Steel

FM Power Dividers

FM Combiners

Band Pass Filters

Parabolic antennas

Coaxial Cable

Coaxial Connectors

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Fynder Electronics offers, FM Transmitters from Elenos and Suono Telecom. FM Digital Transmitters from Elenos. Radio Links, FM Receivers from Suono Telecom. Also Antenna, Power Dividers, Splillers, Cables, Connectors and more.

FM Broadcasting Equipment

Elenos FM Transmitters

All the transmitters in this line are extremely compact and light, which makes for greater ease in their installation and lower transportation costs.

Their high energy efficiency also allows for a considerably lower operating cost.

The line is also characterized by extremely high reliability and the ability to ensure high performance even under extreme operating conditions due to intelligent safety protocols, Icefet technology, and Lifextender algorithms.

  • ETG Indium Low Power Series –  150W to 2000W
  • ETG Indium Medium Power Series – 2.5kW to 5.0kW
  • ETG Indium High Power Series – 5.0kW to 30.0kW

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Elenos Digital FM Transmitters


The ultra-compact FM transmitter with direct to channel digital exciter from Elenos is a lightweight system housed in two rack units.

Combining efficiency, low-power consumption and reliability with high fidelity and extreme sound purity through the use of digital technology, it’s the result of the company’s know-how gained through many years of experience.

  • ETG Indium Digital  Series –  150W to 2000W

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Elenos 48 VDC FM Transmitters

The 150 to 500 watts models from  can also operate with a DC power supply of 48VDC (operating range 40-56 VDC), designed for operation with renewable energy sources such as wind and/or solar.

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ECHOS 3 - Remote Control Unit

Echos 3 is a simple and effective remote control unit, which allows connectivity of ELENOS transmitters and environmental sensors, for remote monitoring and control by the operator.

eBox - Ethernet interface device

eBox is a remote control unit equipped with an HTTP web interface and SNMP protocol.

It is configured to be used with all Elenos transmitters, exciters, amplifiers, protection systems and exchange units. It is also able to provide status information on a large number of parameters related to the equipment operation, and the ability for remote control and management.

The user can interface any Elenos product equipped with an eBox (internal or external) from a PC, Tablet or Smartphone device.

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Suono FM Transmitters

ESVA Series of FM Transmitters, available models from 20 Watt to 2000 Watt

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FM Receiver 87-108 MHz

Radio Link 200 MHz – 1.0 GHz

Radio Link 1.5 GHz – 2.5 GHz

RDS Coders

Sterreo Generators

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