Elenos 48VDC FM Transmitters

Digital 48VDC FM Transmitters

ETG Indium 48VDC FM Transmitters –  150W and 500W

The models  150 and 500 watts can  operate with a DC power supply of 48VDC (operating range 40-56 VDC), designed for operation with renewable energy sources such as wind and/or solar.

The 2U DC input line maximizes the concept of energy efficiency, compactness and reliability that have steered the design over the past ten years. All the transmitters in this line are extremely compact and light, which makes for easier installation and lower transportation costs.

The high energy efficiency also allows for a much lower operating cost.

Because of intelligent protocols, Icefet technology, and Lifextender algorithms this product line is also characterized by extremely high reliability and high performance even under extreme operating conditions

The intelligent protocols are activated proportionately to the harshness of the environmental condition, thus guaranteeing the maximum power output in respect to the safety of the equipment.


With the New Elenos ETG LPFM Transmitters equipped with the DC Input option many different configurations are possible. From  simple to complex applications can now be implemented such as:

(A) Photovoltaic solar panels without accumulators /batteries (low cost and high reliability, service available only with the sun as the power source).

(B) Photovoltaic panels with accumulators/batteries and charge regulator for most practical situations.

(C) The transmitter can be supplied by a complete redundant system in order to avoid interruptions. In this case any combination of DC Power sources such as photovoltaic solar panels, wind generators or even a diesel generator which produces DC power can be used.

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