RDS Encoder

RDS Encoder

RDS E3 - RDS Encoder

RDS Datacasting and Tagging

RDS E3 supports the most advanced RDS dynamic services, including TMC, ODA, IH, TDC, EWS, Radio Text and Radio Text plus. In addition to standard CENELEC NRSC methods, RDS programming has been enriched with larger PS and RT sets (also available in dynamic mode) with powerful scheduling capabilities.

GPS satellite receiver, such as our SAT TIME SYNCHRONIZER, can broadcast local time info as part of the RDS data, RDS service carries out also 4 IH (InHouse Application) remote controls, that can be used to start advertising breaks on distant networks, to split broadcasting areas, to activate/deactivate recorders.

RDS E3 can be easily interfaced to various Automation Systems and offers an ASCII protocol for broadcast song/artist information. In case of alarms, it supports SNMP alerting for automation systems.

Digital RDS codec. n. 8 Dataset. UECP v.7.05. ODA, TMC, IH, RT, RT+. Scheduler PS, RT, PTY. Ethernet, Web server for encoder setup, SNMP v2.0. 6 GPI, 4 Relays. Radio automation interface. GPS.

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