VDL Broadcast Solutions

VDL Broadcasting Solutions

VDL deliver broadcasting technologies for Radio, Mobile TV and Network Providers. As both an experienced broadcast network operator and an equipment manufacturer, VDL are in the uniqueits position to offer innovative solutions to its customers.

Head-end Products for DAB, DAB+ and DMB Networks



D-AUDIENCE-M is a Digtial Radio Audio Encoder that uses the high-efficiency MPEG-4 coding standard HE-AAC-V2 (ETSI TS 102 563) for DAB+ and the MPEG Layer II Audio Encoder (ISO 14496-3) for DAB.

D-AUDIENCE DAB Audio Encoder

D-AUDIENCE is a DAB Encoder for MPEG 1/2 Layer II (ISO 14496-3) Audio.

D-AUDIENCE+ DAB+ Audio Encoder

D-AUDIENCE+ is a DAB+ Audio Encoder that uses the high-efficiency MPEG-4 coding standard HE-AAC-V2 (ETSI TS 102 563).

D-EVIDENCE DMB Video Encoder

D-EVIDENCE is a high-performance real-time encoder that provides a high-quality DMB service using H.264 AVC video encoding and HE AAC V2 audio encoding.

D-EVIDENCE-VR DMB Audio/Visual Radio Encoder

D-EVIDENCE VR is a versatile encoder for visual radio (DMB Audio) broadcast services, providing superior picture quality and encoding efficiency for optimal performance.

PAD-Server PAD Inserter for VDL Encoders

PAD-Server enables insertion of Programme Associated Data (PAD) to VDL Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB and DAB+) Audio Encoders.


D-VAUDAX is an all-in-one Multiplexer for audio, video and data services,. The Multiplexer features an integral broadcast manager that can be operated locally and remotely.

Running on a high-reliability Linux platform,

D-VAUDAX supports all main functions in one unit, including multiplex and encoder configurations; management of data services (PAD and NPAD); redundancy management; service provider profile management; alarms and SNMP.  D-VAUDAX supports a full range of audio, mobile-TV, PAD and NPAD services.

The Multiplexer was originally developed by VDL for use on the Company’s own networks and has an easy-to-use interface and was designed to support remote maintenance and updating.

D-VAUDAX is a highly flexible system and can be extended and varied by plug-in cards and optional software modules.


D-SWITCHER-II is a 1:1 Redundancy Switch for DAB+/DAB transmission networks to provide backup redundancy protection for Multiplexers.

D-SPLITTER creates eight identical outputs from a single DAB/DAB+/DMB Multiplex ETI bitstream



MESURA provides continuous supervision of DAB/DAB+ multiplexes before or after transmission. Options include ensemble monitoring; logging; analysis; recording; replaying and service viewing.

TRS Tunnel Rebroadcast System

TRS VDL’s Digital Radio Rebroadcast System for Tunnels enables tunnel operators to replace audio programmes with live or pre-recorded announcements, providing information and instructions in the event of an emergency.

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